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World's Finest and Most Effective Vehicle Tie-Down Straps at

The quick takeaway is that you shouldn't put your expensive hot rod, UTV, or other toys in danger by securing them with shoddy, low-quality vehicle tie-down straps. Purchase the RHINO USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Kit to give yourself the peace of mind that your cherished automobile, truck, or utility terrain vehicle (UTV) will be safe and secure while you are on the road. It is incredible how much time and money people are willing to invest to build the ideal hot rod, custom show car, or custom desert toys such as sand rails and UTVs. Countless hours are spent conducting research, sourcing or fabricating unique parts, selecting the ideal accessories, and finally locating the ideal trailer to pull it with. Even though purchasing a tow vehicle, trailer, and toy can cost anywhere from $50,000 to well over $150,000, some people invariably try to save money by cutting corners on the ratchet straps, which are the most essential component of the equation.

We see it all the time: people pulled over to the side of the road, damaged vehicles, other vehicles pulled over with damage, etc. All of this happens because the owner wanted to save $15 and purchased garbage tie-down straps that were made of cheap materials. Fortunately, there is a company in the United States of America that is run by a father and son and is located right here in the country. This company creates the very best vehicle ratchet straps on the entire planet, and they are revolutionizing the equipment used for transportation and recovery. It's Rhino USA I'm talking about here. At UTVUnderground, custom ratchet straps we have a weekly tradition of loading up something substantial and pricey that we tow behind our vehicles. The week before, we were transporting a brand new 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate, and this week, we are transporting a brand new Ram 1500 TRX that costs $91,000. The VERY LAST thing we need is for one of the ratchets or tie-downs on the vehicle to break. After putting the Rhino USA Vehicle Tie Down Straps through their paces over a few months, our team has concluded that this is the best 2" ratchet strap and axle strap tie-down kit currently available on the market, full-stop.

The Rhino USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie Down Kit includes four premium ratchet tie-downs measuring 2 inches by eight feet, each with a padded "T" handle and coated chromoly s-hooks that are rated for an incredible 11,128 pounds eachAdditionally, the kit comes with four padded axle straps measuring 2 inches by 38 inches and featuring metal D rings for added durability. When not in use, everything can be stored neatly and cleanly in the bag that is supplied by Rhino USA. This bag is the ideal size for storing items behind the back seat of your truck or in the bed compartments of your vehicle. You can immediately detect the high quality of the Rhino USA Ratchet Tie Downs just by picking them up. The PolyBlend Webbing appears to be indestructible, and the straps have a substantial sense of thickness in comparison to the majority of straps. When you extend the ratchets, they move smoothly, and there is a nice piece of industrial velcro to hold the excess strap and prevent it from flapping around or from requiring loop ties to be made.

Rhino went to great lengths to address the myriad of overlooked details that are typical of less expensive straps. Your vehicle can be attached quickly and easily without the risk of scratching anything thanks to the axle straps that are included in the package. In addition, the rubberized s-hooks come with a locking mechanism that proves to be of great assistance. Even though we've been using our kits for the past few months, there are no signs of wear on them at all. And that's after driving multiple UTVs through the mud and snow on long-distance expeditions across the country. Our only two minor complaints are that we would like to see the Axle straps come in a few colour options (the green is rad, 1-inch ratchet straps but we're an all-black camp), and the storage bag that is supplied with the kit might not be able to survive living in the bed of our trucks for too long. Other than those two things, we really can't complain about anything else about this product. However, those aren't even major dents at all. It's not like we're competing in some sort of machine transport beauty pageant, and there is plenty of space in the cab for the kit.

Do not purchase low-quality straps from Harbor Freight if you will be towing any vehicle of value or if you simply want to ensure the safety of what you will be towing. Support American manufacturing by shopping at Rhino USA with complete peace of mind. They guarantee that you will get your money back in full. You can get them from any major online reseller, including rhinousainc. com, where they are sold directly.

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