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Corner kick prediction for Rosenborg vs Brann, 23:00 on May 3rd in the Norwegian National League

. Analyzing the corner kick over/under odds for the match between Rosenborg and Brann today.
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First half corner kick over/under odds for Rosenborg vs Brann (1/4:0, 5) Despite being the underdog, Rosenborg will still take the initiative to attack from the beginning of the match with the advantage of playing at home.
Meanwhile, Brann's form is improving, so they are also ready to counterattack whenever they have the opportunity.
Brann's playstyle is creating quite a few corner kick situations, but Rosenborg is also a team that plays very well with aerial balls, so the number of corner kicks in the first half of the home team may not be inferior to their opponent.
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At the same time, the total number of corner kicks for both teams is still quite high.
Prediction: Rosenborg and Over Predicted first half corner kick score: Rosenborg 3-3 Brann -Full match corner kick over/under odds for Rosenborg vs Brann (1/2:0, 10 1/2) In the second half, if Rosenborg can play more efficiently and create fewer corner kick situations, Brann will still try to create and take advantage of set-piece situations as they have done in recent matches.
Therefore, the number of corner kicks for the away team will likely be much higher than the home team, and the total number of corner kicks for both teams will still be high.
Prediction: Brann and Over Predicted full match corner kick score: Rosenborg 5-7 Brann
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